The new generation LOGIQ™ P7 is a highly capable ultrasound system that provides excellent image quality and productivity through easy to use tools across a wide range of applications in a portable, ergonomic, budget-friendly system design.

  • System Options
  • LOGIQView
  • B-Flow/B-Flow Color
  • CF/PDI Quantification
  • (FlowQA)
  • Breast productivity package
  • Thyroid productivity package
  • Measure assist
  • OB Auto EF
  • B Steer+
  • Stress echo
  • Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI) with Q-Analysis Scan assistant
  • Compare assistant Report writer AFI cardiac strain
  • STIC OmniView

Available Probes: 4C-RS, 8C-RS, E8C-RS, E8CS-RS, BE9C-RS, 9L-RS, L6-12-RS, L4-12t-RS, 3Sc-RS, 6S-RS, 12S-RS, RAB2-6-RS, RIC5-9A-RS and P8D

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